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If you’ve ever thought about achieving your life long goals, or attaining a particular type of lifestyle, then chances are that you already have a subconscious idea of what success should look like. If you’re practical about your dreams, you’d probably have a set of beliefs that guide you towards achieving your success plans too. For me, I had always believed that you can’t really be successful without wealth.

Every generation has a set of society beliefs that tend to place every category of individuals into an accepted pattern of lifestyle that supposedly connotes “success”. …

Quote #4: Discipline can seem like your worst enemy but in reality, it is your best friend.

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Jocko Willink is the author of Discipline Equals Freedom, a workbook that shows you how to imbibe more discipline in your life in less than 30 minutes.

The first time I heard of this book was early last year, February to be precise.

I attended a financial modelling seminar where the speaker expressed his profound admiration for this book in his closing remarks.

Of course, I ignored him. What has this got to do with the matter at hand?

But I coincidentally bumped into the same book about three months later at a friend’s, and on a whim, I decided…

And why you should never let it hurt you

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If you’re out there taking your shots at life, doing your bit, or trying to make things happen, chances are that you’re going to attract the attention of critics.

You’re consistently being trolled on the internet for doing your best. You launch a new business and get a one star online business review. Your colleagues say you’re not good enough. Your boss says you suck at your job. You get countless rejections. Even your close friends and family think your ideas suck.

Critics are everywhere and probably will always be there. That’s just the way things are.

When Constructive Criticism Gets Out of Hand

We are all…

Congratulations to me.

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It’s my 5th Wedding Anniversary today.

It’s my wife’s birthday today.

And we got a bouncing baby boy today!


What a pleasant miracle!

I’m awestruck and not sure if I’ll ever be able to express the kind of joy that I feel.

I’m so grateful, ecstatic, restless, happy, confused and at loss for words for other emotions that I feel right now.

I don’t want this feeling to go away.

There’s so much to be thankful for!

A thousand thoughts rushed through my mind the moment I heard the first cry of my baby in the hospital.

I rushed…

Using the concept of the rider and the horse.

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I came across the concept of the rider and the horse from a book by Robert Greene titled “The laws of human nature.

We cannot totally separate emotions from our thinking because the two are completely intertwined.

But there’s always going to be a dominant one.

Some people (like me) are more governed by their emotions while others are clearly more governed by reason.

Since the quality of our lives is inevitably reflective of the type of decisions we make, the aim is to find a proper balance between the two factors: thinking and emotion.

The ancient Greeks had a…

From one of the most remarkable finance books written in years.

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After reading Morgan Housel’s incredible finance book — “The Psychology of Money”, I started searching Google for things like...

  • what caused the 2nd World War?
  • is greed hereditary?
  • are there any scientific methods to improve patience?
  • how does luck work?
  • at what level does paranoia become helpful?

Question is — what kind of finance book would make you ask google such things?

Certainly the kind where the author believes that doing well with money depends a little less on how smart or financially savvy you are.

Soft skills

Housel (the author) believes that financial success depends to some extent, on things that…

You’re most likely reducing your chances of success if you harbor this belief.

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Limiting mindsets are beliefs that keep you from reaching your full potential. They eliminate your competitive advantages and can force you into a state of constant struggle.

So here’s a quick question.

What do you believe is the best way to know if something would be a good or bad fit, a right or wrong decision, a fast or slow move, or perhaps a loose or tight dress?

In all the given scenarios, the answer is simple: “put it to the test.

You’ve got to test things to be sure if they're right for you or not. Just because a…

Culled from well respected authors and high achievers.

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True words of wisdom when written in simple quotes have a way of humbling us.

They contain invaluable life-lessons and if applied correctly, can translate to positive changes in our lives forever. When we read them, we are like children again, crossed legged and starry-eyed, taking in and analyzing their every word in ponder.

I haven’t been able to get over many of these kind of quotes so easily. Here’s a handful of them.

1. Happiness

  • “No one can live happily, or even bearably, without the pursuit of wisdom.” — Seneca
  • “A happy person is not a person in a certain set…

A 6-step guide to overcome the power of procrastination

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We all have aspirations, dreams and goals that we aim to achieve someday. We even go as far as creating strategic plans and coming up with certain tasks that will ultimately lead us to achieving our goals.

A few go the extra mile by setting timelines for completion of such tasks but for the majority, this is only as far as they would ever go.

In reality, most people who set such tasks to reach their goals are more likely never to execute them. …

You can identify and eliminate them if you pay close attention

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There are a couple of unseemly actions we occasionally engage ourselves in and because these actions don’t pose an immediate threat to our lives, there’s a high tendency we’ll do them again.

And again.

And a lot more often, until they become full-fledged habits.

At this stage, one of these two could happen;

  1. We continue to engage in these habits but for some reason, they don’t have any effect on our well-being.
  2. These habits eventually trigger our emotions to work against us in a toxic manner. In this case, they cause havoc and can ruin any life significantly.

Practically speaking…

Emeka Nwanedo

Corporate investment banker and leadership enthusiast. I love researching and I write to inspire.

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