30 Super Helpful Books Written By Boss Women

If you’ve read any one of them, you already know what I’m talking about

Emeka Nwanedo
16 min readJul 3, 2022


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Women underestimate their cognitive and leadership skills, while men overestimate theirs.

Some surveys have suggested that more than half of the people you know have felt like impostors at some point in their careers— a condition which is more prevalent in women.

If there’s anything women are naturally gifted with, it’s the ability to second-guess themselves, re-think their previous thoughts, avoid unnecessary competitions, stick to process-driven methods and take only calculated risks.

Strangely enough, these same traits are particularly pronounced among high achievers.

See, women are genetically wired to be winners and I’m not even bluffing. That’s why I’ll always consider a piece of advice from a woman who has painstakingly taken her time to write down her thoughts or findings, and found ample courage to publish them in a book.

It’s not easy for them to do that.

This list is compiled in appreciation to all the women out there who are playing their part in sharing information that can help us lead better lives through helpful books.

You guys rock.

1. Thrive by Arianna Huffington

Ariana Huffington is the founder of Huffington Post and she uses this book to advocate for a better measure of professional accomplishment beyond money and power. This book is super helpful because it shows us that we can achieve success by paying more attention to our well-being.

Huffington advocates for self-care, self-awareness, and striving for a sense of balance vs burnout. Her advice is worth taking. It has a number of practical guides and the first 2 chapters were the most enjoyable for me. The appendixes were pretty solid as well.

2. Burnout by Emily Nagoski

Emily is a researcher, a speaker and a sex educator. She has a PhD in health behavior and is currently the director of wellness education at Smith College, where she teaches a course on women’s sexuality.



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